To Speak

Hire me to speak on any of the three topics below. My fees are $150 for up to 3 hours in the greater Portland area, and $200-$500 for up to 3 hours in the Pacific NW, depending on distance. If the below topics do not fit your needs simply email me to create a custom presentation. Email me to set up your speaking engagement.


The family that prays together stays together. Latin cultures have long embraced the ‘home altar’. If you have little ones at home an altar or table may not be the best option but everyone can have a designated ‘prayer space’ in their home. These can include table centerpieces, bulletin boards, shelves, and/or altars. Your family prayer space will serve as the center of your faith at home. I will show you how to decorate your prayer space, and how to turn it into a functional and meaningful center of family life. From calendars, to intentions, to interactive lists of the Beatitudes and Works of Mercy, I will help you live out your faith fully by designating and decorating a space in your home to be the center of your family’s faith journey, which can be done ‘‘on the cheap’ (low budget) or ‘on the deluxe’ (large budget).


As Catholics, our year is marked by two calendars: Gregorian (12 months, 365 days) & Liturgical (Catholic ‘seasons’ and events). Did you know that the two overlap quite a bit and that many of our secular celebrations actually have roots in Catholicism? Come learn the significance behind many of the Liturgical seasons (Advent, Lent, Easter… ) and celebrations (Pentecost, Triduum…), and how to celebrate them with your children. Learn about some of the most common (and some unique) saints’ feast days and how to bring them to life in your family. Finally, embrace Sacramental living as you discover how to celebrate the anniversaries of your loved ones’ baptisms, weddings, and other sacramental milestones. I will show you how to locate and purchase items that will help turn these celebrations into a quick, easy, and festive reality ‘on the cheap’ (low budget) or ‘on the deluxe’ (large budget).


You don’t have to be a teacher or a DIY-er to teach your kids about the faith at home. In fact, we know that the Church calls parents to be the ‘primary educators’ of the faith. I will show you how to locate and print the standards and curriculum that are age appropriate for your children, how to read and interpret them, and how to create fun and meaningful projects to teach your children about their Catholic faith at home. With just a simple kit of basic materials, you can create a multitude of engaging projects that stimulate the senses and teach the faith in very little time. Learn too what books and multi-media can help enforce home lessons on faith. What your kids learn in Catholic school or their Parish faith formation program should supplement what you are already teaching at home. I will make this fun and easy for you to accomplish, either ‘on the cheap’ (low budget) or ‘on the deluxe’ (large budget).

“If we don’t teach our children to follow Christ, the world will teach them not to” – Anonymous 




“I’ve had the pleasure of watching Lindsay share an abundance of stories, resources and ideas, as she presents on the beauty and challenges of the domestic church. I attended a presentation she gave which focused on family life – and while I’m not married and have no children, Lindsay was still able to speak to my heart and much of what she said could readily apply to my own life and situation. Not all speakers are able to reach their audience like that, so she is a wonderful blessing!” – Miriam Marston, Office of Family Life & Faith Formation, Archdiocese of Portland

“Everyone on our pastoral council loved Lindsay’s presentation; her ideas on creating prayer spaces in homes that involve the entire family were so innovative. We are very thankful for her help on this project.” – Dave Martinaas, Pastoral Council member, St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Parish, Salem, OR