At Home

During a MY CATHOLIC HOME at-home-consultation, I will sit with you to create a custom plan for your family to enhance your home faith life. I will help you set realistic daily, weekly, monthly, and annual goals for your family. Your action plan will address: personal and family prayer time and methods, how to make it to Mass more regularly, and how to put your faith into action with service projects, retreats, and other faith based activities. Together we will discern the most important things so we can eliminate the most distracting things, and create an achievable and user-friendly action plan for your faith journey.

At the end of our time together you will have a functional, useful, and interactive prayer board that will serve as the center of your family’s spiritual life.

A 2.5 hour consultation and all products listed below is only $249. Email me to set up a consultation or create a custom package to meet your needs. I want to serve your exact needs, so if you desire more or fewer items than what is listed below, just let me know and I will work out an individualized plan and price for you.

Your at-home-consultation will include:

  • 2.5 hours of time together
  • copy of The Little Way for Parents of Little Ones book and resource guide
  • downloadable copy of Diocesan Religious Education Standards
  • framed corkboard
  • calendar including:
    • useful tips, quotes, and notes for each month
    • Holy Days of Obligation
    • other important Catholic events and key saints’ feast days
    • important sacramental anniversaries and saints’ feast days for family, friends, and Godchildren/parents
    • set of monthly rotating lists and action items for:
      • Ten Commandments, Beatitudes, Spiritual Works of Mercy, Corporal Works of Mercy, Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Fruits of the Holy Spirit
  • 2 sets each of 20 popular prayers (1 set for prayer board, 1 set ‘to go’)
  • 12 inspirational photos of Lourdes, Rome, and other holy sites
  • leather prayer journal
  • Catholic Bible
  • photo album for easy access to prayers
  • adult rosary
  • children’s rosary
  • how to pray the rosary guide
  • olive wood crucifix
  • 5 children’s books about the Catholic faith
  • 5 children’s activity and coloring books about the Catholic faith
  • 2 children’s DVDs about the Catholic faith
  • children’s figurine of Our Lady of Lourdes, Fatima or Guadalupe
  • 2.5 hour meeting to create a personalized family plan to:
    • eliminate spiritual clutter
    • prioritize family activities
    • carve out time and space for prayer
    • learn common prayers
    • implement Catholic virtues
    • make it to Mass more often
    • sign up for daily e-inspiration
    • set daily, weekly, monthly, and annual faith goals
    • include Adoration, Reconciliation and/or Rosary practices
    • set any other goals you would like
  • follow-up email or phone call

A 2.5 hour consultation and all products listed below is only $249. Email me to set up a consultation or create a custom package to meet your needs. I want to serve your exact needs, so if you desire more or fewer items than what is listed above, just let me know and I will work out an individualized plan and price for you.

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men”. – Frederick Douglass




“I’m sure you know what it feels like to have a list of things you plan to accomplish yet somehow the everyday, regular tasks take over your time and you just never get to it. Enter Lindsay Caron! With the fantastic one-stop-shopping solution for making your home faith life not only a priority, but a customized ready-to-use solution that you can jump right into that very day. Lindsay started by helping me customize my prayer board – a visual tool that turns the ‘I will pray for you’ response into a powerful way to remember all those personal intentions. I’m grateful for all the tools she’s shared with me. Thanks Lindsay!” – Rachel, mother of two young boys

“I have known Lindsay for a number of years and have always been impressed with her sincerity and integrity. Drawing on her experience as a classroom teacher, Lindsay has taken her remarkable ability to be task oriented and applied that skill set to her Catholic faith. Lindsay has created a user-friendly resource to assist busy parents in their children’s faith formation. This novel approach provides a gem of a teaching tool and is a must in every Catholic home!” – Lynn, mother of three and grandmother of seven

“’But be doers of the Word, and not hearers only’ – James 1:22. Lindsay’s love of the Word is evident in the way she leads her life. She is truly an example of  ‘practicing what you preach’ –  both in what is written in the Bible  and the lifestyle changes she proposes through MY CATHOLIC HOME. As a busy woman with a family of her own she understands what it means to have a hectic schedule, which is why she is more than qualified to assist others in learning to navigate their Catholic journey amidst their own busy lives. Lindsay is warm and welcoming and provides a real opportunity for your family to begin the transformation from ‘hearers’ to ‘doers’.”– Kate, mom of three young boys

“How many times have you been inspired by someone but then, not knowing the practical steps, failed to benefit from their direction? If you’re like me, it’s too many times to count. Lindsay has combined a passion for her Catholic faith with her outstanding organizational skills to produce a dynamic set of tools for parents who want to pass on an ardent living faith to their children. Seeing faith formation through the eyes of a young learner, she utilizes all of the senses to engage even toddlers. Let Lindsay help you turn your home into the Domestic Church God desires for your family.” – Paul, grandfather of six

“I highly recommend working with Lindsay!  She helped me to identify the areas in my faith life that I want to make more time for and to come up with strategies to prioritize more easily. She also helped me to set goals and learn to implement small changes into my daily life. This is especially important to me with a new daughter whom I want to raise in the Catholic Church, and whom I want to have an early appreciation and understanding of our faith. Lindsay has a wealth of information and experience, and a genuine passion for her faith and the Catholic Church.” – Marie, mother of teenager and two babies